What Happens To Your Face After Washing It With Apple Cider Vinegar? This Will Surprise You!

If you had any skin problems, you have probably tried every facial cleanser available on the market, but you might not have thought to try apple cider vinegar. It contains many beneficial ingredients for your skin, and it has a lower price than many of the expensive face washes that claim to provide your skin with the same benefits. The substance has been proven as very effective in cases of age spots and acne.

Apple cider vinegar is rich in alpha hydroxy acids that are able to remove dead skin cells. A lot of the high-priced face washes have alpha hydroxy acids in them, but the amount that apple cider vinegar contains is much higher. If you want to use apple cider vinegar for age spots, you can apply a little bit of diluted apple cider vinegar to your face by using a cotton ball. It is recommended that you leave the substance on for 20-30 minutes before washing it off.

Additionally, apple cider vinegar is known to help fight acne. The acidic compounds of apple cider vinegar give it antibacterial and antifungal properties which are great for acne and other skin infections. Apple cider vinegar also unblocks your pores and helps your skin breathe. In this way it prevents the appearance of pimples. It can also help to balance your skin’s pH levels, which keeps your skin from becoming too oily or too dry.

Before using it, dilute the apple cider vinegar with some water as it is a strong substance that can damage the skin. You can dilute it and apply it right onto your skin, as you would with a toner, or you can create your own facial censer with it.

To make your own face wash, you should combine a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and 3 tablespoons of water in a small bowl. Then, wet your face with water and use a cotton ball to rub the mixture all over your skin.

If you utilize apple cider vinegar for washing your face with, it is important that you use the right kind. It is best to use organic apple cider vinegar. This type of vinegar contains the enzymes, bacteria, and minerals that are beneficial for your skin. By using refined apple cider vinegar , you will not get these benefits.